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Wiksten Tova

Wiksten tova

Oh ho ho, I’ve branched out, y’all!  Not just Wiksten tanks or Washi tunics anymore, I made a Wiksten TOVA (with pockets, natch).  You have to check out all the amazing Tovas in the photo pool here.  I’ve been drooling over them for days and days and days, and finally bit the bullet and made my own.

it's mah butt

I used a blue linen that I picked up on my L.A. fabric trip.  I was originally going to make the girls a pair of these pants, but stole the linen for myself.  I take all the good shit for myself, don’t I?  I’m selfish like that.

It’s some sort of linen blend, but I couldn’t care less.  I love love love the color.  I had 2 yards, and the pattern called for a little over 3 for the dress, I think.  Well, lemme tell you, I had plenty of yardage with 2 yards.  I didn’t do the collar, but I could’ve.  Also, if all else failed, I could’ve cut the back as 2 pieces (instead of on the fold) and just seamed it up.  It was definitely an option.


I used bias tape for the collar, and I guess I shouldn’t have used white, but I really don’t care.  I still love how it turned out.  If I make it again, which I probably will, I intend to use the same method.


I stole the pockets off the Washi tunic and estimated the same placement on the Tova as the Washi, using the armpit as the guide.  It worked out nicely.  I did end up stitching the pocket bags down in the front, so the pockets didn’t get flipped or stuck to my tights.


I also used a different method for attaching the sleeve binding.  I hate stitching in the ditch and trying to catch the seam blind.  It drives me batshit crazy, so I did it my own way, and it came out fine.

pocket & sleeve

I have to tell you, the oldest daughter was responsible for the pictures here.  I simply cannot take good photos of myself wearing something.  Also, my hair is not even slightly brushed nor is my face washed.  Don’t tell my mom.

Once the photo shoot was over, my photographer and I got a little silly.  I super love that kid.prim & proper faces

Reader Comments (3)

Here is a list of the things of which I am jealous in this post:

1) The cute dress, obviously.
2) Your great legs! Where ya been hiding those things, girlie?
3) The boots.
4) The hair...just got mine cut and that was what I was going for and did not end up getting.
5) The time you have to sew things with 4 kids and a job...I can barely find a t-shirt to wear every day, how are you SEWING things to wear???

Nov 27, 2012 at 7:08AM | Unregistered CommenterMichelle

Gurl. GURL. You are so nice. Let's make out! (you can totally feel up my legs, m'kay)

The jury's still out on the hair. I had gotten it cut short, then shorter, and this is the shortest yet. I think it makes me look a little shaggy. But if you like it then I feel better about it.


Nov 28, 2012 at 3:40PM | Registered CommenterDaph

I love your version of the Tova, I'm going to steal your ideas about the neckline binding and pockets, thanks.

Feb 4, 2013 at 6:28AM | Unregistered CommenterPam

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